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 Do More Sundance- Palomino foaled 2005. out of Do More Dancin Babe by Mary Mels Bar None. Natural Service -$600.  Click here for his pedigree
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Don Bahr, Platteville, Wisconsin
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 Do More Sundance

Sun Dance is the result of plans, prayers, goals and dreams.  In 2000 I started dreaming of having a palomino Morgan stallion.  I wanted a strong branch of Jubilee King bred horses.  I was led to Mel and Mary Frandsen of American Fork, UT.  A long ways from Wisconsin, I found bloodlines, type and color. 

The fall of 2001, I purchased a palomino colt who had been a picture on my refrigerator.  Don Prohaska, Kasson, Minnesota was traveling out to pick up some foals that he had purchased in Utah and I had a ride back for my palomino colt, Mary Mels Bar None.  2004 brought Bar None’s first foals.  That fall through a tragedy I lost Bar None.  Luckily he had bred three mares.  I prayed for a palomino colt to replace him.  The three mares were Westrek Sierra Madre, and her two daughters, Do More Dancin Babe and Do More Shania. They are full sisters by Bridlesweet Donnie B.  If given a choice I wanted a colt out of Babe, my favorite.  2005 brought quite a surprise all three colts were palominos!!  Now I had to choose one.  Each one was very special, but yet different.  Sun Dance, Babe’s colt was my favorite almost from day one.  He has grown and developed beyond my dreams.  I’m expecting 2 foals by Sun Dance in 2008 out of mares that qualify for the Foundation Group.

Sun Dance’s blood lines have these well known stallions; Jubilee King, Steston, Domino Joe, Highview King, Ashbrook, Archie O, Dude De Jarnette, Flying Jubilee, Captain Red, Captain Kellogg, Torchfire, Golden Jubilee a son of Jubilee King who was a palomino.  This is the only palomino color line through a Jubilee King son.  I share this with you just in case you were wondering where the color came from.

The other two colts, Do More Golden Dream and Do More Dancer are both still stallions.  Dancer is in Utica, Minnesota at Jeanie and Bob Bilder's Gold n Gait Morgans, waiting to carry on his bloodlines.  Do More Golden Dream is in Thermopolis, Wyoming at Harry Seidel’s Bar None Ranch.  They are expecting foals by Dream this spring of 2008. 

Thanks to Mel and Mary Frandsen for helping me carry on the Golden Dream.  I wish Mel a speedy recovery from his stroke in 2007.

January 22, 2008